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Inspect your website with bullet proof intelligence

Malware sniper offers a unique and proprietary dual-pronged approach to help website owners enjoy maximum security from both malicious codes and website oddities. By utilizing an external approach through the user's individual computer system or through implementing our server-wide solution, your online presence for your website or business will be kept under lock and key.

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The subsequent capabilities are set up while checking your site in real time, offering a safe environment for your web page and enhancing the protection of your customers. FAQ

  • Indirect Access by unauthorized users. (Webshells) 
  • Detect Embedded Trojans and Exploit Packs 
  • Pointless, Windows With Pestering Notes (Spam) 
  • Obfuscated JavaScript as well as Html noxious codes 
  • Drive-by-Downloads
  • Site Destructions & Defacement Detection 
  • Oddities In The Site Exhibition 
  • Encrypted & Stowed iFrames
  • Backdoor Endeavors
  • Malevolent Redirects 
  • Hidden objects 

Happy Clients

  • Before malware sniper, we had to pay hundreds of dollars to keep our websites safe. Malware Sniper, changes all that and makes sure that our websites won't be in danger again. Thank you.

  • Malware Sniper is what I was looking for. It's the perfect website security solution,that just makes me sleep well at night, knowing that all of my websites are inspected.

  • I am pretty excited with the idea of website security that malware sniper provides. I was really impressed to see that some of my websites had malicious scripts embedded without ever knowing that I had.

  • We provide Malware Sniper website security, to all of our clients in our hosting network. With malware sniper we can now eliminate websites blacklisted by google.

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real time  PROTECTION

Keep track of your site in real time hasn't been easier. You can now enjoy all your tasks while getting notified for every malicious code we identify.


The special hybrid database is fast and light for many state-of-the-art malicious codes we diagnose, without reducing your computer performance.

AVOID Hackers invasions

Inspect your website from  infections ahead of the bad guys affecting your business. With the vital modules we assure your safety.

instant  Notifications

Receive detailed alerts instantly right on your desktop, as well as techniques on how to take them off, with certified efficiency.

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